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The most (and least) read blog posts of 2016

A huge thank you to all our readers for another wonderful year of Twilight Beasts! For some reason we didn’t receive our annual ‘summary of’ breakdown, so we shall pull it together for you! Thank you for all your continued … Continue reading

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Staying put: the what, when, and how of the first farmers

We’ve all thought about making lifestyle changes at some point. Joining a running group. Going on a diet. Stopping smoking. So did our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They made what would be perhaps one of the greatest lifestyle changes in the history … Continue reading

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On the origins of our species

As families go ours is pretty amazing. You have ancient cousins who effortlessly chomped through the toughest of roots and hardest of seeds. Another relative was the first of our family to make it all the way to China around … Continue reading

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The Bear from Clare – new evidence for an early human presence in late Pleistocene Ireland

Many people know at least something of the gradual flooding of the palaeolandscape of Doggerland, off the east coast of Britain. They have a pretty good idea of how the sea encroached on that early European land bridge from around … Continue reading

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Big find in little China

Charles Darwin wrote 502 pages outlining his groundbreaking theory of evolution by natural selection. In it he provides incredible evidence of natural selection he gathered over 20 years, using many different species of animals, from humans breeding dogs to the … Continue reading

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