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“Nice Beaver!” (redux)

Beavers! Majestic dam makers of Canada. Living on a diet of maple syrup and poutine. Probably. I don’t know. Much bigger in the past, North America had Castoroides ohioensis, the giant beaver. As big as a bear. With its razor … Continue reading

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No Bullwinkle

On Twilight Beasts you will hopefully have seen some of the amazing mummified animals of the Pleistocene. Some of these mummies may even be like old familiar friends to you: the woolly mammoths Lyuba, Buttercup, Khroma, Dima, Yuka, and Mascha, … Continue reading

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Amidst the footsteps of giants: What beetles can tell us about the past

Picture this scene: thousands of years ago in Britain during the Pleistocene Epoch, when giants roamed the landscape. Herds of woolly mammoth, bison and reindeer grazed the steppes during cold periods, watched closely by skulking hyenas and prides of enormous … Continue reading

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Baby’s got quack

Who could actually resist a news headline about a giant Pleistocene Japanese duck? Not me, I’m afraid. Kaiju films are one of my favourite things, alongside disaster movies. From Godzilla to Pacific Rim, I love ‘em all. Add the word … Continue reading

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2014: A review of the Beasts

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. It’s been a busy eight months of beasts! Thank you all for reading and enjoying the posts and to our wonderful gust bloggers too (one of which … Continue reading

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