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We will be writing about many different incredible animals that lived during the Pleistocene, so here is an easy way to browse back through time.

Scroll through the index to explore the awesome world of the incredible Twilight Beasts.


100,000 Thank Yous: 2015;

A review of the beasts: 2015; 2016;

Artistic interpretations of the beasts: Impressions of the Pleistocene;

Book Review: Giant Sloths & Sabertooth Cats; Horned Armadillos and Rafting Monkeys; The Evolution Underground; Discovering the Mammoth: A tale of giants, unicorns, ivory, and the birth of a new science; Tamed: ten species that changed the world;

Cave art: The beauty in the beastsFrom the bones of giants;

Foraminifera: A test of time;

First Farmers: Staying put;

Pleistocene Beetles: Amidst the footsteps of giants;

Pleistocene Extinction: Did humans wipe out the megafauna?; In Patagonia; The lonely walk to extinction;

Pleistocene Parasites: The beasts within;

Tasting the past: Guess who’s coming to dinner? A true story of the real Paleolithic diet!;



Bibymalagasy: When is an aardvark not an aardvark?

Chalicotheres: The last of its kind;

Deinotherium: Land of the giants;

Dodo: The last squawk of the dodo;

Elephant: Clovis hunting an African elephant;

Elephant bird: The most lonely places;

Giant Lemur: The gentle giant;

Homo naledi: We are made of star stuff;

Homo sapiens: On the origins of our species; Staying put: the what, when and how of the first farmers;

Paranthropus: Side by side by Homo;

Quagga: Seeking Redemption;

Sivatherium: Shiva’s beast;

Xenocyon: The dreams of dogs;



American Cheetah: The surprising cheetah;

American Hyena: The hyena that was overshadowed by a Tyrannosaurus rex;

American Lion: Joseph Leidy’s atrocious baby; Just like the weather;

Arctic Ground Squirrel: Time capsules from the ice age;

Bone Crushing Dogs: Dire times for bone crushing dogs;

Camelops hesternus: Yesterday’s camel; Stuck in time;

Columbian Mammoth: The last trumpet of a giant; Stuck in time;

Giant Beaver: “Nice Beaver!”;

Giant Cuban Owl: The giant owl and those giant claws;

Giant Hawaiian Duck: The islands of the lost fowl;

Giant Horse: The stuff of night-mares;

Giant Short-Faced Bear: Paddington’s dangerous cousin; Just like the weather; Stuck in time;

Giant Vampire Bat: Real vampires in South America;

Gigantocamelus spatulus: A camel for Christmas;

Glyptodont: A home on the range;

Gomphotheres: The lolloping shovel mouth;

Ground Sloths: Mr Darwin’s lost sloth; The burrowersGoing underground; In Patagonia;

Horned Gopher: Small but mighty;

Key Deer: Forever Young;

Lynx: The lynx effect;

Macrauchenia: The bizarre elongated llama; The strangest animals ever discovered;

Marine Sloth: Doing the crawl;

Mastodon: The Nipple Tooth;

Palaeovertebrate Burrows: Going underground;

Peccary: America’s original razorbacks;

Pronghorns: Ghosts of the desert; Open your eyes and see beauty;

Pudu: A tiny Twilight Beast in a world of giants;

Rancho la Brea: Stuck in time;

Sabretooth Salmon: The sabretooth salmon;

Smilodon:  The one with the sabretoothIn Patagonia; Stuck in time;

Stag-Moose: No Bullwinkle;

Teratorns: A sticky end for the Monster Birds; Stuck in time;

Terror Birds: The long reign of terror;

Toxodon: Darwin’s 18 pence; The strangest animals ever discovered;

Woodward Eagle: Born in the USA;

Xenicibis: Battle of the birds;



Diprotodon: An adorable, goofy looking giant;

Giant Echidna: A prickly giant with a very long tongue;

Giant Short-Faced Kangaroo: A big ass kangaroo;

Harpagornis: Disappearing into the heavens;

Kauri: The ancients of the forest;

Marsupial Lion: The pouched lion;

Meiolania: Turtle Power

Moa: Lost, as the moa is lost!

Megalania: The dragon down under;

Thylacine: A striped wonder;

Wonami: Medusa’s Legacy;

Zygomaturus: Squishy Bear Face;



Aurochs: The moo of the wild; Getting inside the bones;

Big cats: The forgotten sabretoothTo worship the lion; The Old World Jaguar; The silent hunter; The Lynx effect;

Bison: The deadliest Twilight beast?; Guess who’s coming to dinner? A true story of the real Paleolithic diet!; Getting inside the bones;

Brown Bears: The bear from Clare – new evidence for an early human presence in late Pleistocene Ireland;

Cave Bears: The bear necessities;

Chamois: The Devil on the mountain;

Creswell Crags fossils: Ice age mammals in Batman’s house;

Denisovans: Who were the Denisovans anyway?;

Elasmotherium: A unicorn out of the Twilight;

Giant Beaver: “Nice Beaver!” (Redux);

Giant Short Faced Hyena: Eye of the beholder;

Gigantopitecus: An elusive giant;

Great Jerboa: Crazy cute Ice Age animal you’ve never heard of;

Giant Maltese Dormouse: Down the rabbit hole;

Giant Tortoise: On the shoulders of giants;

Hippopotamus: An unexpected river horse; Antique water horses;

Homo naledi: We are made of star stuff;

Homo sapiens: On the origins of our species; Staying put: the what, when and how of the first farmers;

Horses: Galloping across the steppes;

Humans: Big find in little China;

Hyenas: Clan of the cave hyena; Eye of the beholder;

Irish Elk (Megaloceros): An elk that wasn’t an elk; The last Giant Deer;

Lemmings: When life gives you lemmings;

Lynx: The lynx effect;

Megalovis: The lost sheep;

Mouse-goat (Myotragus): The mouse-goat crocodile chimera;

Neanderthal: Neanderthals and us: we’re not so different;

Panda: A very English panda;

Polar Bear: Walking on thin ice;

Reindeer: T’was the night before Christmas;

Saiga antelope: Survivors;

Stegodon: Of dwarfs and dragons;

Steller’s sea cow: Overkill;

Steppe mammoth: The first mammoth of the steppesMini-beasts, giants and mega-floods;

Straight Tusked Elephant: An Elephant shakes a tree;

Woolly mammoth: Mammoths!; Buttercup the MammothGuess who’s coming to dinner? A true story of the real Paleolithic diet!;

Woolly rhinoceros: Crash of the Titans; The lonely walk to extinction;

Zygolophodon: Meet Long Tusk;



Dodo: The last squawk of the dodoHow do you wiegh a Dodo?;

Giant Japanese Duck: Baby’s got quack;


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